Academic Integrity

AI stands for Academic Integrity.


Good to Know


Riki does not plagiarize. Our technology creates unique, plagiarism-free content. But regardless, we encourage users to uphold the highest standards of academic integrity with regard to plagiarism.

Riki’s writing is very human-like, and we are currently working on a feature to guarantee no AI-detection.

But please note, current AI detection tools are unreliable and inaccurate. There is no existing method to distinguish AI-generated content from human-written content, which is why even OpenAI discontinued its AI detection program.

No. We will never use your essay. Publicly or privately. Or sell your data. Or read it off with our morning coffee. Your essay is solely yours and will remain this way forever.

Yes. Riki generates unique, different content each time, even if the input is the same. That is the magic of AI!

A Guide for Riki Users

At Virtuai, we are steadfast in our commitment to academic excellence. Below is a guide to maintaining academic integrity when working with Riki.

#1 Acknowledge Limitations

Virtuai has made substantial strides in reducing inaccuracies of referenced articles. However, there are areas, particularly in less-documented subjects, where the accuracy is not foolproof. Users are urged to review the bibliographic list and exclude or fix any incorrect references (see ‘References’ Guide for more information).

#2 Understand the Variability

Riki’s AI-driven writing is inherently variable. Submitting similar requests will yield different results in writing style and structure (hence its “uniqueness”). It’s crucial to remember the importance of originality in academia. Hence, read, understand, check, and if needed, reinterpret the received work.

#3 Avoid Plagiarism

Though the use of AI significantly reduces the risk of identical content generation, upholding academic integrity is vital. Users should aim to make their requests as precise as possible, study the received work, and make necessary modifications to ensure originality.

#4 Embrace Learning

While the platform delivers complete papers directly to you, it is essential to use Riki as a learning tool. Engage with the content, understand the underlying concepts, and integrate your thoughts and findings.

#5 Recognize AI Limitations

Our platform relies on the sophisticated AI of chatGPT, which, while advanced, has its constraints. Certain topics may have limitations due to the inherent nature of AI. However, our thorough testing and refinement process ensures the highest quality of work technically-possible.

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