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About Riki

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Welcome to Riki, a groundbreaking platform for students, researchers, and academic enthusiasts. Riki is not just a slick website, but a transformative tool that utilizes ChatGPT and academic databases to create the perfect essay for you. 

Our Mission

To make academic writing accessible, efficient, and enjoyable to all. In the coming years, we aim to become a catalyst for overcoming traditional boundaries of thought and creation within the academic community. 

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Benefits all around.

Simplifying the Process

With Riki, generating top-notch academic content is now a breeze!

Solving Real Problems

Riki not only overcomes prevalent issues with ChatGPT, but also creates academic papers that meet the highest demands.

Fostering Learning

Riki encourages continual learning and growth, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in academia.

Saving Time

Riki saves you the time and energy (and headache) of traditional writing; you can now focus on the actual research and learning. 

Intellectual Partner

Riki brings your paper a wealth of information, insights, and ideas you might not have thought of on your own.

Advancing Academia

Riki is setting the stage for a future where AI and education evolve together, advancing the way we learn, research, and create.

Why use GPT in writing?

Riki’s access to vast amounts of information provides data, sources, and insights students would not have considered otherwise. This makes the writing process an opportunity for exploration and learning.


More technically, Riki improves the quality of the writing, integrates knowledge from a variety of disciplines, enhances clarity and precision in the paper, and saves students valuable time.

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