Welcome to RikiGPT!

What paper should Riki deliver you today?

Welcome to RikiGPT!

What paper should Riki deliver you today?

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Coming 2024

Get ready for the next era of innovation by Riki

100% No AI Detection

Increasing our already high undetection rate to 100%

May 2024

Qualitative Research

Interviews analysis, theme extraction, quotes evaluation, observations synthesis

June 2024

Empirical Research

Data extraction from numerical surveys, evidence-based conclusions

August 2024

Incoroporating Court Cases

Court case analysis and legislation review, currently inaccessible to AIs

September 2024

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“I can’t believe my eyes at how incredible the results are… Such a magical tool”


“I have almost only used ChatGPT but Riki is so much easier to use. If you want to write an essay by ChatGPT you really need to put in a lot of effort… I was so satisfied with all the essays Riki wrote to me.”


“This tool will write you a highly professional, full paper with references. You can choose a topic for the paper, research question, writing level, language, etc., and after a few minutes you’ll be mailed the whole paper 😱 including the references and their verification, which is truly wonderful. My new website.”


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