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RikiGPT is an innovative tool that writes academic papers using advanced artificial intelligence. Riki is based on years of research and experience in academia, along with months of technical perfection. 

Fill out the essay creator form with your paper requirements. Riki will then present 3 potential outlines. Select your preferred option, and Riki will start writing promptly. When the paper is ready, you’ll receive it directly via email.

Delivery times vary based on the paper’s length and website traffic. Usually, a 5-page paper will take 5 to 10 minutes; a 150-page paper may take around an hour. Additional factors like the inclusion of references can also affect delivery times. 

Simply put, no one writes like Riki. The depth, the comprehension, the speed, the accuracy are simply unmatched. These are all the result of years of academic and technological research. Most uniquely, Riki writes full paragraphs, long papers (up to 200 pages), and checks every single reference to verify it’s real.

Upon registration, you’ll receive 5 free credits to try Riki! That’s a total of 5 pages, or 2500 words.

To receive papers, you need to purchase credits post-login. It’s quite simple: 1 credit = 1 page. Our pricing is designed to be affordable and accessible, decreasing the cost per page the larger the credits pack is. You can track your credit balance on your personal account page. 

Credits are only deducted after you’ve chosen your preferred outline. We want you to know exactly what you’re getting before you pay for it.

Well… it’s quite easy! If a paper didn’t meet your expectation, simply contact us through your personal account area. We have customer service around the clock to meet our global demand, so we’ll review your issue promptly. Rest assured, our simple refund policy promises we will adjust your credits if needed. 

Absolutely! We offer personal academic assistance to help you make the perfect request. If you are not registered, send us an email; if you have an account with us, send us an essay help request. We’ll guide you through the process step by step to get the best possible paper.

Riki utilizes the latest version of ChatGPT-4o, the most cutting-edge AI technology in the world. Riki consistently updates alongside ChatGPT and has the latest knowledge and abilities. Riki also uses a vast database of 200 million academic articles, to guarantee 100% real references that are recent, thorough, and most relevant. All of this ensures the highest quality and precision to meet your academic needs.

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